The Great Experiment

For about a week now, I have been living on my own again. Due to life circumstances my roommate for the last two years is not able to continue as my roommate (So sad since it was great living with him). Since this has happened I’ve been trying to find a way to cut some costs here and there. In my eyes, one of the easiest ways to cut cost is to cut cable.

I don’t watch 255 channels. I don’t watch 100 channels. Heck, I barely watch 10 channels and every single show I watch regularly is on Hulu or their respective website. Along with Hulu, Netflix and ESPN3 also made my decision to cut cable much easier.

So begins the great experiment in my life. With things like land lines and paper books going by the wayside in my life, why can’t cable go with them as well?

Websites I visit regularly

Bing- for the daily picture, they are awesome to look at.
Google- default search engine, why anybody uses another is beyond me
Yahoo- for the random news stories on the front page
Facebook- Social media… can’t without it.
Twitter- Telling everyone what’s going on, 140 characters at a time.
ESPN- Gotta catch up on my teams!
YouTube- How does anyone go through a day without somehow finding their way onto YouTube for one reason or another?
StumbleUpon- I love the random stuff that can be found when exploring this site.
Pandora- the best internet radio site, ever.
Digg- This is how I get the majority of my news. I can find a story about anything on here.
g4tv- I usually only check out the AOTS show page. I like checking out the vids and the DVD and gadget reviews.

Podcasts I Listen to

FBCR Sermon Podcast- Pastor Ellis is a beast preacher. I love his sermons!
The Village Church- Matt Chandler is probably my favorite preacher. It’s probably because he teaches as much as he preaches in his sermons, I learn so much listening to one of his messages.
Church at Brook Hill- David Platt has so much passion and you can feel it in his messages. He makes me want to get passionate.
The City Church- Judah Smith is an amazing preacher. I feel like a million bucks after one of his sermons, but he is grounded completely in the Scriptures and challenges whoever listens to his messages to make a positive change in their lives and in the world.
Mosiac- McManus is an interesting addition to this list. He’s not quite like the other guys, but what he is good at is explaining difficult concepts.
North Point Community Church- Andy Stanley is a leadership guru. I love listening to his messages because they are so practical.

Get-it-Done Guy- a great productivity podcast. The podcast is structured, well-organized and the guy is interesting to listen to. Plus he just has great advice.
Grammar Girl- I’m terrible at grammar. So I started listening to this girl’s podcast. I hope
PTI – I don’t get to catch it on TV much, so I catch up with the podcast

Have any suggestions that you think I should give a listen to?

Twitters you should be following

It seems that nowdays, everyone has a twitter. It’s just a matter of finding the good ones. Here are some that I always pay attention to.

gabebernal- that’s right I put mine down. if you’re reading this blog, you should be following me ;)

CS Lewis Daily- Great CS Lewis quotes tweeted daily.
RickWarren- I may not be the biggest fan of his preaching- but as far as pastoring goes, he is one of the best. He is the perfect example of a shepherd, not just to his congration, but anyone who will allow him to minister.
The Real Shaq- c’mon now, do you need a reason to follow Shaq, the guy is one of the coolest people on the planet
Lecrae- this guy is legit. One of the most influential guys in the Christian music industry. The guy is just as much a minister as a rapper. Just as much a preacher as a lyricist.

HasenpfefferInc- I have never met this guy, i don’t even who he is, but he has some good thought-provoking tweets
SteffDeschenes- a friend of mine who I’ve never actually met in real life (if you don’t have anybody like that, then you’ve just not been on the internet enough). Anyways, she’s funny, insightful and an author.
dwcook- good friend and one of the funniest people I know. He recently went viral when he filed a motion of continuance so he could see the Texas Rangers first World Series game.

Any twitters you think I should be following?

Switch to Chrome?

I dropped Internet Explorer as my default browser years ago.  For good reason, IE was driving me nuts with it’s security protocols, it was over the top when it didn’t matter but then in truly unsafe sites, it wasn’t enough. Another reason was that it didn’t show some sites correctly. And finally, it just wasn’t user-friendly.

Now, I currently use Firefox. A much better internet browser, Firefox excelled where IE failed epically. But now I’m starting to hear some good things about the Google browser, Chrome.

It is inevitable that IE will disappear, stats show that it is no longer the majority, but what is interesting is that Chrome is skyrocketing. Then, another article about Chrome states that “Chrome, at least so far, is the best combination of efficiency (e.g., non-bloat), speed, good design (both looks and usability) and customization. It’s both minimalist and robust. I love it.”

So I pose this question. Does Firefox still have life in it, or is it time to switch to Chrome?