I just started using twitter, I think that it’s a clever way to stay connected. In this world of the internet and cell phone, there have been some great ways to connect with others, people you already know and people you don’t. But since most churches are still connect to people traditionally, the internet is overlooked as a way to outreach to others and share the gospel. The youth group that I’m working for never really used online resources, like facebook, blogs, twitters etc., to outreach. Once I started working this summer, that was one of the first things I wanted to change. It’s not only a problem at my church, it’s a problem across all believers.

So to my delight, cruising around on twitter I found a great page. The screen name is Praise Jesus, and for every update, it puts down a reason to Praise Jesus. To check it all out click on the link, but here are a few of my favorites:

Praise Jesus– for the cross
Praise Jesus– just when I got nothing left, that’s when I find you !
Praise Jesus– You taught us to believe and not ask many times. Let us rest in your care – give us faith and peace as we persevere in prayer.
Praise Jesus– you made the mountains and the sea. You stretch the stars like a canopy. You’re my Creator King.
Praise Jesus– for a good nights rest – may my day be filled with praise for your name. You are so good to me.

People go on mission trips all the time to reach out to the unchurched. Which is amazing, but if you want to find and share the gospel to unchurched, you don’t have to go any furter than your computer and a broadband connection. Praise Jesus for the internet, the mission field of the 21st century.