How many of you have had a good day today?

Our wonderful children’s minister, Sweet Hopkins, passed away this past Sunday evening after a 13 year fight with breast cancer. I put off writing down my thoughts about this until today because today we celebrated her life in a memorial service and I wanted to share what I was thinking to the family (who I grew up with) before I broadcasted it on the internet.

Now the title may seem strange for a memorial post for somebody, but it is what I will always remember about her. Every camp, childrens or youth, she would sing a somg that the only words were “How many of you have had a good day today?” She sang it with such spirit and joy. She truly cared about everyone she came into contact with. That wasn’t just some silly song she sang, it was a genuine question she wanted to ask everyone.

One of the things I love best about the lovely Sweet Hopkins is her genuine interest in people. I knew her girls, Kendall and Ivy, much better than Sweet, but every time I spoke with her, she made me feel special because she really cared about me and what was going on in my life.

I also loved how she brought out the best in everyone. I never worked with her at a camp, but I’ve had many youth I’ve worked with go to childrens camp and seeing what they are able to accomplish. One of my favorite parts about working in the youth department is I get to see the best in those kids and I am able to see what they are capable of, and it was people like Miss Sweet who was able to bring out the best in those people.

I could go on for hours, maybe even days. But one of the greatest things about Miss Sweet Hopkins is the legacy she leaves behind. Not only with her family, not only with her children, but with everyone she ministered and invested her time with. Almost everyone I know at FBCR has been touched by Sweet in one way or another and everyone who has known Sweet is a better person because of it.

Now she is with our Lord, our Savior in Heaven and after all our prayers for her healing, they have finally been answered. As she put it, “maybe not in this life, but in the next, I will be healed.” And now she is spending the rest of her days with her Father.

How many of you have had a good day today? You will be loved and missed Miss Sweet.