Spotlight: Tim Tebow

I hope Tim Tebow wins the Heisman again this year. Not because he’s the best football player, not because he is a great pro prospect, but because he has temendous character and heart. In America, most people put athletes (especially football players) on a pedestal and end up being role models for all ages, not just children. But, rarely do athletes use their status to do things that are truly good.

In April, Tebow visited a prison, a prison where chaplins and pastors have gone and not be able to accomplish much in their mission to bring the word to these men. But, Tebow goes to this same prison and since he is an athlete he was able to reach several inmates.

This summer, Tebow visited the Phillipinies on a mission trip and not only shared the gospel with these people, but was able to contribute to the communities he visited by teaching kids to read, help preform simple surgeries and building relationships with orphins.

Last night, during the ESPN college football awards, Tim Tebow was presented the Disney Spirit Award. During the short vignette ESPN showed on Tebow, they showed him not only helping the community but sharing the word. Tim Tebow has definitly redefined the meaning of having intangibles.

Thank you, Tim. You are doing great works in the name of the Lord. In a time where many seem to be more concerned with saying the right thing instead of doing the right thing, you are a person that shows and shares love. May you be continued to be blessed.