A Life Inspired


So I haven’t posted any “A Life Inspired” posts pretty much since this summer, and it’s time to change that. My church’s Disciple Now is this weekend and I’m totally looking forward to it. “D-Now” as we like to call it, is one of my favorite events of the year because of the bond that is formed with the 8-12 people in your group. That bond is something special that you will always have.

Last week I had the privilege of being a guest leader for a D-Now at First Baptist Killeen. An old friend, Matt Cornelius, is the youth minister and asked me if I wanted to have a group. I’ve never been the guest leader at a D-Now, but have been a co-leader for several groups, so this was a new experience for me.

Writing the lessons was a little stressful for me. 5 lessons to write and teach in about 30 hours. The final lesson especially, with 3 hours until our last session I had nothing, only the theme of the weekend: Decisions.

I was praying.. pleading with God, I didn’t want to go into the last lesson ill-prepared and leave the students with a lesson where I’m going through the motions. Then, I AM inspired me, showed me what I needed to teach through one of my students at my church.

I received a text from one of students back home who I’m close with that said “See you when you get back-those kids are lucky to have you this weekend.” Then all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit showed me what that last lesson I was struggling with should be about. And looking back, the all the sessions I wrote lead to this, everything that I was building up the whole weekend was this: The decisions you make not only impact you but others, as well.

So, all of next week is going to be, that lesson in blog form. So I guess you can call this “A Life Inspired” week, but we should be living a life inspired by God everyday. His future for you is amazing and perfect, and all we need is to allow Him to do His thing.