Only the Lowly


My friend Carlos has a blog he calls Only the Lowly. While in his first entry he talked about what Only the Lowly meant, but it never really clicked in my head what it really meant until recently. During some bible study I was doing for one of my classes, I found myself thinking that another friend of mine really needed to read this passage. That’s when it hit me.

Often times when we read the bible or sit in church we think that someone else needs to hear this sermons or we throw some “holy elbows” to the person next to us so they can pay more attention. But that’s not what should happen at all.

We live in such a prideful society that you don’t even begin to that that maybe God is trying to reveal something to you. Not the person next to you, not one of your friends, not your family, but you. Maybe we all, myself included, should take a step back, humble ourselves and discover what God might be trying to show us instead of worrying about what others need to read or hear.

In Matthew 5, Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Not the self-righteous, or prideful. We should all knock ourselves down a level and study the bible with an heart willing to accept what God has to say to every one of us. Once we humble ourselves and stop being so prideful, we can see that God has something to reveal to us as well.