the XBOX driven Youth Minstry

So I took the title of this entry from another youth worker’s blog, More than Dodgeball. In a particular entry, he talks about the importance, especially among guys (but girls aren’t excluded), of having and playing XBOX with students.

Now, you may be wondering why I randomly decided to blog about this? Last night, I had a lock in with a few students and all we did was play some Halo almost all night long, it was pretty awesome. The bonding that can take place with you have a group of people in the same room just playing a simple video game is extraordinary.

In the entry I spoke about earlier, he speaks about “Enjoying some fun multiplayer” and goes on to say:
there’s something about a youth worker and students sharing a living room and those tiny 1/4 screens. The comradery of a videogame moment – it has to be shared to be truly appreciated.
You can read the rest here.

If any of you read my blog before the major overhaul I made before last summer, then you know how much I love my XBOX and just playing video games. It’s because of things like last night. Truth be told, I rarely play my XBOX alone anymore. There is something about getting a group together and just playing that really opens people up. I love it.