Camp Next Week!!

I just wrote this last night for our weekly newsletter for our students.


Camp is almost here!! This summer is going by so fast. When I was in the youth group, camp was the one event I looked forward to every year. The games, the crazy things I did during free time, hanging out with my friends and just being away from my parents, were all things I loved about camp. But it’s easy to lose focus on what the true meaning of camp is. We go to camp every year and we all love our traditions: the Drawing, Wednesday night’s event, winning the games, and of course Date Night!! But there is so much more that we want you to gain from Camp. It is a time to get away from our routine, and focus on God longer than just a few minutes a week. We need to realize that camp is more than just fun and games. God wants to soften our hearts and mold us. He wants to inspire us to love- Love our Lord, love others. We are going to camp for a reason, God has sent us there for a purpose and my hope is that next week you can find that purpose. I want you to really discover what God has planned for your life. Because He has a wonderful plan for you, it’s up to you to find out what it is. We are all going to have so much fun, there is no question about that, but don’t forget why we’re there. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!!