Camp Preview

Here we are- The kids will be arriving for youth camp today! All the hard work and preparation we put into is finally going to pay off. I’ve said before that I look forward to this week all year. I love that I get to spend almost all day everyday with our students, I love these guys so much and I thank God everyday that he blesses me with the opportunity to pour into these kids.

Our theme for this year is Unity in Diversity. On the upper right hand part of the post is the logo we are using that was selected by our Youth Council. It is an Adinkira symbol originally from Ghana, West Africa. It is their symbol for unity in diversity. (our camp theme, clever right?) To these people, the symbol signifies the unification of people of different cultural backgrounds for achieving common objectives despite their divergent views and opinions. It encourages oneness of humanity, and therefore discourages discrimination. (source)

We as Christians are called to be in unity with one another. Even though we are a diverse group of sinners, God can empower us to become one with Him and each other. We have a common bond – our loving relationship with Jesus Christ. This kind of love motivates us to love one another. This is the type of impact and inspiration that I named my newsletter article and push my students to discover and realize.

I have some amazing expectations for this camp, we have a camp pastor who gets deep, a worship band that is passionate, a youth minister that is loving and will always look for the best in people, two interns whose primary concern is motivating deep spiritual growth, and a plethora of volunteers who will love these kids for who they are! This is going to be a great week- God has great plans for not only our church, but our youth ministry as well!

Come back daily for quick updates on the week. Happy Camping!!