Camp, Day 4

This week is flying by. What a wonderful week it’s been!! My favorite thing about camp is spending the entire week (pretty much 24/7) with our students. It is so much fun to just hang out and fellowship with everyone. Not only do current relationships strengthen, but new relationships and friendships are built. It’s amazing what you can learn about somebody when you can talk to them for more than the couple hours a week that I see most of the kids. I can talk about so many different types of things, but the best part is that it is so much easier to open up your heart with others and have them open up their heart to me.

We have a few hours of free time each day, during this time we can do a number of things. We had people playing soccer, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, playing cards, and getting wet at a slip n slide. It always amazing to me to see how much you can relate to someone just by having fun with them. After we’re done playing, all of a sudden they want to sit next to you at lunch and dinner, they start wanting to spend time with you.

I love everything we do at camp, but I think that the key to the whole thing is the fellowship that happens. Relationships are what can bring people to church, they can keep people at church, and they are what gets them to invite others to church. Never underestimate the power of the building relationships. That is what God calls us to do, that is what the early church was built on in the book of Acts.

Only one more worship session. Worship has been life changing this year. I just hope that the goosebumps these kids get, the emotions they feel, all come from the Holy Spirit moving in their heart. My prayer for for God’s presence transforms these student’s hearts.