Camp Recap

We had a wonderful week at camp!! JR Baker, our camp pastor, was at his best in my opinion. Before we left, we had one final time of worship where JR challenged our students one last time before they head home. One line sums up the challenge JR gave, “Anything in life worth having is going to be hard.” What a wonderful truth!! JR is right on, no matter what they do in life, no matter what they want- to be a great athlete, to be a good player of their musical instrument, getting good grades, being the Christian God wants you to be- all of these things are hard to accomplish. We have to work at it. And if we don’t have to work at it, then it’s just an easy way out and not worth having.

We go through so many struggles in our life, and camp is a great way to not only get away from outside world but to maybe learn how to deal with the struggles we’re going to deal with everyday of our life. We need to learn what with Jesus on our side we can receive the strength to get through anything and press on towards the goal. We need to be running for Jesus because He is desperately running towards us.

Even though camp is over, this is not the end. Not even close!! It’s the beginning, it’s time to run for Jesus and live a life of overwhelming love. Jesus said the greatest commandments were to love God and love others, that’s how others will know we are His followers. My prayer is that I can build on this wonderful experience at camp and help motivate these kids to run for Jesus everyday of their lives.