They make it sound like I’m disabled. I guess when it comes to golf, I kind of am. Not sure if there is a maximum handicap or not, but if there is one- my 36.4 is probably it.

I played my 12th round yesterday, and I know I’m getting better, but I have a huge problem with consistency. There is a neat little website that I’ve been able to track my scores/progress I use called Out of Bounds Golf. Even though golf is pretty fun, there is a brutal learning curve, and is very frustrating when on one shot you hit it perfect- straight and long, but on the next one you hit the grass further than the ball.

But, I think the best part about playing is being able to play (even though badly) with friends. I am so relational and being able to have this different dynamic to relate with someone is awesome. Yesterday I was able to play with someone I haven’t seen in about two years, and if it wasn’t for golf we probably would have never met up.

But right now on my mind is getting better… and I will get better.