My 5 Favorite Moments this Summer

What a summer!! It was so awesome! I just can’t believe how fast it went. We just had our final youth event for the summer this past Friday and our summer intern just finished his last Sunday with us this year- so I was just thinking back on some of the great times I had this summer.

There were so many! More than ever Evan (summer intern) and I spent so much time with the kids, it was a blast. Last year was when I surrendered to the call to ministry, but this summer was so much more meaningful. I knew my role, I knew my responsibilities, I knew what it meant to be a minister and I was able to build relationships so much better than I did before.

Here are my top 5 favorite moments:

1.)”Let have co-ed room mates”
“but not in a shady, skanky way” A legit suggestion from Rachel Tom-Quinn on the first week of the summer. I’ll just leave it at that. We’re still laughing at her for that one. ;) love ya Rachel

2.)Jay’s sandwich!

So here’s the story: We took a group of students to Cornerstone to work with their homeless ministry. Students were suppose to bring either a sack lunch or money. One of our students, Jay, brought a sack lunch but when Evan, the other intern, took a look at what he had Evan noticed that Jay’s sandwich was molding. So we made a big deal about ho could Jay not notice that the bread he used was moldy. We forgot about it until the next day when we found out he left it in the van. The mold was spreading, but instead of throwing it away we threw it (in the bag) on the dash and left it there. By the end of the trip it was disgusting, but it became the mascot of the trip. We wanted to save it for Camp and show the glory that was Jay’s Sandwich…. but the cleaning crew threw it away the day before camp. Sad :(

3.)Who else seen a Leprechan say yeah!
YEAH!!! Haha… pretty much the motto of youth camp this year. We had a few college students that came with us to camp this year and they kept quoting this video on Youtube all week. By the end of the week, all you had to say was “who else seen a leprechan say yeah!” and half of the camp would reply “YEAH!” Another big quote was “coulda been a crackhead!” Just saying those two lines brought smiles and laughter to everyone around. Even thought the obsession has disappeared, when ever I hear someone say either of those lines brings a smile to people’s faces.

4.)41 at Cici’s
We’ve started this thing this summer where we’ve been having lunch on Mondays at various places. It’s pretty cool, we probably averaged about 10 to begin with, but it was fun to just chill for about an hour or two with the students. But the Monday after we got back from camp, we got 41!! Awesome, I was hoping that since I was going to be continuing as intern I would be able to build on the excitement of camp and community that we all felt. Going from about 10 to 41 was exactly the type of thing I was hoping for.

5.)Hanging out with our seniors for the last time

When I first started working in the youth group as a sunday school teacher, these kids were 7th graders. They were the first class I got to see grow up and go all 6 years through the youth group. The past 6 years have been tough, a sexual harrassment between an adult and student, being without a senior pastor for over 2 years, the death of not only our childrens minister but a fellow student and friend. Any one thing that happened in the past six years would cripple a youth group, but they stayed together and stayed strong. The first kid I started discipling is in this class. Of all the classes that have gone through, this is a class we never needed to worry about hurting the youth group, they always did the right thing and always

With all their schedules being different as to when they leave to college, the week after camp Evan and I got as many of the seniors as we could and just spent the day with them. It was a great time of fellowship and there was definitely love of God there with us.

This was a GREAT summer!! For me at least, this was better than last summer. For the first time in a long time, I think things are finally going in the right direction, we’re starting to fight back against Satan and him trying to destroy our church. I’m looking forward to the coming year and the things that God has planned for not only our church, but our youth group. We have a great group of kids, all they need are adults to show them how to run for Jesus. Because he is desperately running for us!


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