Smiling Down

Today marks the two year anniversary of the death of one of our youth, Billy Rippetoe. It hit our kids pretty hard, Billy was a great guy. He had finally turned that corner where youth camp was more than just another fun week in the year and that he allowed God to transform him. Then in a biking accident, he suffered internal injuries and that night passed on to join our Lord.

This incident caused many of our students to grow up faster than they probably should have, but they grew up together and the bond between many of them are now stronger because of it. God uses everything to glorify Him, including great a loss like this.

Sometimes, the pain of a loss like this can be too much to bear and we cry to God asking “Why?” But, I take joy, great joy, in knowing where he is. There is a song called “Smiling Down” by Pillar that I love. Whenever I hear this I think of all the friends and family that I’ve lost. But, when I hear this song I remember that they aren’t lost. Far from it, they are up above, forever worshiping our Lord! So don’t worry and don’t distress. He’s right there by Jesus’ side, smiling down on us.

John 16:20 — “You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn to joy.”
Matthew 5:4 — “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
John 11:35 — “Jesus wept.”

We love you, Billy!! And we can’t wait to join you by the side of Jesus!!


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