Birthday Reflections

I’m 28 today. No big deal, it’s not like I’m 30. I’m not an old man, yet, but I’m not some punk kid anymore. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just because how busy I am this year, but at the same time this is something that has started going on the past few years- but generally I’m not as excited about my birthday as I was when I was younger. Sure it gives me a smile when someone wishes me a happy birthday, but the day’s here and I’m just not eager for the day. Maybe it’s because when I was younger, my birthday meant getting stuff and I really don’t care about getting stuff anymore.

But one thing birthdays always do is make me reflect on my life a little bit, and I’ve been doing alot of that recently. Lately, what has really got me thinking is how much I have changed over the last year to year and a half. Other people notice it, too. I was told by a friend I spend a lot of time with at Conclave, that he had lunch with a few other guys who knew me several years ago and they all talked positively about how much I’ve grown over the past year.

It’s weird, I never would have thought that my life would have gone in this direction. I was fine with were I was at the time, but know seeing where I am compared to where I was I’m so glad this change occurred. I used to be dangerously close to just being a moral deist. Not really living my life for Him (or much of anything for that matter) and just wanting to do the “right thing” and be a “good person,” whatever that is suppose to mean.

I’m not gonna lie, I been having doubts and second thoughts about getting this Masters and going into the vocational ministry- but I think that is just because the Masters Program is much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. But, just when I need it most, God does something that reassures me that this is what I’m suppose to do. But one thing I never doubt is how much better I feel about myself and how much better my relationship with God has become.

So, there is a little reflection that I wanted to share with whoever reads this blog. Not sure how productive this was, but I felt like sharing my heart a little bit.