Golf and Life

So as you may know, I’ve taken up golf. For about 7 months now I’ve been learning all about golf. Even though I’m still struggling mightily at it, it’s not a losing battle every time now. I’ve pasted the brutal part of that learning curve and now I’m steadily improving every time I go out there.

The one thing I’ve realized playing as much as I have, is the parallels between golf and life. It’s uncanny really.  Lets take a quick look and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

1.) No matter how good at it you are, it’s always frustrating.
2.) You may hit what feels like a great shot, but end up some where you don’t want to be.
3.) If you don’t start off with a good hit, it’s going to be a long hole.
4.) You can hit the green in two shots, but if you don’t finish well and putt it in the hole in couple of shots, the hole is a failure.
5.) When you get in a bunker it may take several tries to get out.
6.) Shots are much easier when you are not in the rough.

Now, let’s compare this to real life.
1.) It doesn’t matter if everything seems to be going your way, eventually something is going to go wrong.
2.) You may make a decision or do something that you are confident with, but ultimately that may not have been the right thing to do.
3.) First impressions you make goes a long way.
4.) If you don’t finish strong, discouragement sets in and can effect you.
5.) If you get into a hard spot, keep trying, you’ll get out eventually
6.) Just because you are in a spot you don’t want to be in, doesn’t mean you need to give up- it just means you might have to try a little harder to get back where you are suppose to be.

The last comparison is an important one that we sometime forget. Life is sometimes like a game. Some people cheat, some take it too seriously, some don’t take it serious at all. There are some people who all they want to do is win, people get angry when things don’t go their way. Loses aren’t the end of the world, even though some treat it that way.

Don’t let life get you down, if you want to do better, there is always tomorrow. And tomorrow brings a new chance to improve and make positive changes.