My 25 Favorite TV shows

I don’t really watch that much TV. It’s mostly ESPN and reruns. But, there are a few shows that I love and really can’t get enough of. So here you go, the first of many Gabe’s favorites list.

1- Seinfeld
I don’t care what anyone else says- Seinfeld is the greatest show ever on television. People who know me, probably are surprised that Lost is not first on my list, to me Seinfeld is leaps and bounds ahead of every show out there. With so many reruns all over television, I’ve probably seen every episode 5 or more times at least, but it never gets old.

3- Band of Brothers
4- Simpsons
5- Star Trek: Deep Space 9
6- Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
7- Battlestar Galactica
8- Big Bang Theory
9- Andy Griffith Show
10- Friends
11- Home Improvement
12- Sopranos
13- How I Met Your Mother
14- Saved by the Bell
15- Star Trek: The Next Generation
16- King of the Bell
17- WKRP in Cincinati
18- Whose Line is it Anyways
19- Scrubs
20- The Cosby Show
21- Glee
22- Cheers
23- CSI (the original)
24- Flash Forward
25- Heroes