My 25 Favorite Movies

I love watching movies, even though I don’t really like too many of them. I’m what you would call a bit of a movie snob. My first year at North Texas I was a film student, so I rarely am able to take movies for what they are(except for comedies for some reason). As a result, 75 percent of the big summer blockbusters I can’t stand.

There is a website called Criticker that I use to grade all the movies I see. Based on what I grade all these movies, it comes up with a bunch of recommendations, and not only that but it will predict(with scary accuracy) whether or not you’d like a movie. It’s pretty cool.

To get to the point- I use the grades I’ve given movies on Critcker as the base for this list. So, without further adieu, here are my 25 favorites:
1- Star Wars
No doubt, my favorite movie of all time. ALL TIME. No movie will ever challenge this as my favorite.

2- Empire Strikes Back
3- Return of the Jedi
4- Raiders of the Lost Ark
5- Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
6- Monsters, Inc.
7- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
8- The Dark Knight
9- Dead Poets Society
10- Back to the Future
11- Dumb and Dumber
12- Finding Nemo
13- Batman Begins
14- Aladdin
15- Toy Story
16- The Matrix
17- Lion King
18- cars
19- 300
20- Casino Royale
21- Star Trek 6: Undiscovered Country
22- X-Men
23- Batman
24- Office Space
25- Wayne’s World

So time for a little interaction, tell me some of your favorites. I’d love to know.