Churches that I Love

Some are churches you’ve heard of.  Others are some that you probably haven’t heard but are still furthering the Kingdom

The Village Church- One of the big front-runners for changing the lukewarm Bible Belt into a real world changers for Christ.  Matt Chandler, lead pastor, is very big on no longer being Moral Deists but living out true Biblical Christianity.

National Community Church- 75% are under the age of 35.   How awesome is that?!  Not many churches reach out to young adults, but this church proves that not only you can, but that they are just as passionate about Christ as any other people group out there.

Cornerstone Dallas- A local church here that has a dynamite homeless ministry.  Our church sends a group over there at least once a month to help feed and clothe the homeless.  Just one visit over there is a very humbling experience.

PS: Just for the record, I do love my church, First Baptist Richardson, but to add it to this list I felt would be a cop out and not the nature of what I was wanting to accomplish in this post.