End of Sabbatical

So I went on a bit of a sabbatical…. I went about five and a half months of no blogging, and for someone who was a regular blogger for over 3 years now that’s a big deal. I think what really turned me off was that failed experiment of posting something every day for a month. I stretched myself way too much. I honestly don’t have THAT much to say. But the value of blogging to me is evident.

One thing I noticed during this break from blogging is that one major way I learn is through writing. Even though I am a terrible writer, from a stylistic and grammatical standpoint, being able to write and put into words the ideas and concepts that are going through my mind seems to be an important part of my walk with God.

I have so much so much running through my head, being able to just slow down and write out what is on my mind. But more than that, I just want to share my thoughts, ideas and life with people. This summer is going to be crazy busy and I’m going to spend a week at camp and about two and a half weeks in England that I am going to want to share with parents and church members about what’s going on.

So enough about sharing my heart about this, I’ll probably be sharing in the near future about some of the things my have been on my heart during this time. So till then- browse around, I deleted many posts, but all the header tabs are still full of info so check it out. Later, Gabe