Giant Garage Sale…. Over!!

Just for the record…. if you are a youth/student minister and need to raise money for your teens, DO NOT do a garage sale unless there is no other options.

Tim Schmoyer posted a blog once about 71 fundraising ideas for your youth group. Since it was a couple of months past our annual garage sale, I put down how great of an idea a garage sale is for fund raising. But now that I am only two days after the fact I want to retract my statement. Don’t do one…. That is all

2 thoughts on “Giant Garage Sale…. Over!!

  1. I would like to bring to your attention a no-cost online option. You can list all of your items for sale on at absolutely no cost. We charge no fees and no commissions whatsoever. Free is free, for both sellers and buyers. You keep all the money.

    • oh wow. that’s pretty interesting… I’ll need to take a closer look at this. thanks for the link

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