England, Day 1

So I was hoping to get a blog out about this trip before I left but didn’t…. Oh well, doesn’t matter now because I am with 11 of our kids in Birchington, Kent, England. Even though we had a lovely 9 hour flight, I am proud to say I beat jet lag. We drove from London to Birchington and with the help of some previous Minnis Bay trip alums(Joanna, Macey, Hannah, Caroline), us “newbies” were able to fit right in. But even if our alums were not with us, we would fit right in, our hosts and fellow workers have accepted us as their own and shown us exceptional hospitality.

We meet some new people with some cool accents, but then realized that we are the ones that talk funny around here. Most of the day was spent on some early prep but in the evening we received some down time and they taught us an odd game called Rounders. It is sort of like baseball/softball, but has enough differences that it is a little confusing.

Tomorrow we visit some local churches and continue preparing. Monday is the big day! That is when we start to spend time with the kids.

For more info on the Minnis Bay Camp and Scripture Union (organization running the camp), simply click on the links.

Another update coming tomorrow!


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  1. Hope you slept well!! Good to have you guys with us. May the Lord bless you during your time in Birchington.

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