England, Day 2

Today could probably be summed up in one word – preparation. Preparing our groups and rooms for the kids that will be joining us tomorrow and preparing our hearts for the work that God wants us to do.

The day started out where the entire Minnis Bay team splint and attended 7 different churches in the area. From what I can gather, many of us had very different experiences at each of the churches. Some attended churches where the average age of the congregation is 60+ and the style of worship is very traditional, others attended churches that I would say is similar to FBCR where it is a somewhat blended service, and I believe there was only one church that I am told is nowhere near the norm and is very contemporary, the average age of the congregation was probably under 30.

Afterwards, we gathered for lunch and then broke into our teams again and put the final touches on their preparations. Once that was done, it was dinner time. Then, we had some downtime following dinner.

To finish the evening off, the entire Minnis Bay team gathered for a time of worship (which they call Epilogue). Various members of the team served as the worship band and our very own Shelby Tidwell joined them as a singer for today. What a wonderful experience. There was no preaching or anything, only the band playing some songs and a couple of others reading scripture. Being in that place with all those people who are fired up for the Lord is moving.

God is going to do some awesome things during these two weeks. He is already doing awesome work in our hearts as leaders and starting tomorrow we can pour that out into the kids we come in contact with.

Pray for us as we ready ourselves for the coming weeks. Pray for the children that we will come in contact with tomorrow. Thank Him for all the locals who have volunteered their homes, their time and their help during these two weeks. Till tomorrow!