England, Day 3

Today was Day One of the mission! I can not express into words how much today energized me. Finally getting a chance to spend time with the kids was an awesome experience.

After breakfast we broke out into our age groups and had our first chance to connect and teach our kids. Morning club (as the brits call it) is an hour each day that we get to play random games, messy games (very messy), a bible study and then some time together in small groups discussing the lesson. It was fantastic time!

After lunch we gathered at “the Dip” for the Afternoon Extravaganza and had a great time with some recreational games. Today’s Afternoon Extravaganza theme was World Cup Extra! We played several various “football” (as the Brits insist on calling soccer) related games. One of them was a Youth Camp favorite – Crab Soccer – that the leader Avtar saw the video of from last years camp, where Jonny Furze joined us, and enjoyed what he saw and wanted to add that to their repertoire of games.

Something that our kids were not a part of but something that I was asked to do was lead a short little bible study with some of the older team leaders. I felt so privileged that these leaders asked me to lead them. For an hour took a look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and just talked and discussed how we can apply this to our lives. It was an amazing time of growth and fellowship and I was honored to be a part of it.

After dinner, most of the age groups gathered once again for just some fun and games and just a time that we could build relationships with the kids.

Today was a great day! I can’t wait till tomorrow!

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  1. Gabe, wonderful posts, wonderful trip! Please keep us updated. God bless you and all your team. Love you!

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