England, Day 4

What another amazing day!! They just seem to be getting better and better! Once again we had Morning Clubs with our age groups and continued to build on the new relationships with the kids that we made the day before. Morning Clubs, I believe, are the backbone of what we are trying to do here during this “Holiday.” During this time we have not only helped the kids learn more about God but connect with real relationships.

It is these relationships we are building that are the breaking the barriers and wall that these kids have on their hearts toward church and ultimately God. But once these relationships are established, it is much easier to share the gospel with them because they trust you. There is an old saying “They don’t care what you have to say until they know you care,” and this saying can’t be anymore true than here in England where is so much apathy towards God. But we are always sowing seeds and it just takes love, patience and some living water before that growth can take place.

Continue to pray for guidance and wisdom as we build relationships develop with the children, young people and parents.

The next part is something that can’t quite be explained, you need to see it to really understand how it works, but in the afternoon we gathered at “the Dip” (the local park if I forgot to mention what it is) and had one GIANT water fight. Water balloons, water pistols and buckets of water being thrown is only the beginning of what happens at this thing. We actually had a local fire truck come and shoot water from their hoses at the mass of humanity.

I don’t think you could get more wet aside from just jumping in a swimming pool with all your clothes on! But as wet as we got and as cold as it is here in England (high today 70) it was so much fun. It is so much easier to build relationships when you’re having fun.

Then in the evening instead of another get together with the kids we had a team social. We drove to a beach about 30 minute drive away from Birchington in a town called Ramsgate. What a great experience. Us newbie Americans got to have some of English Fish n’ Chips for the first time and then spent a couple of hours goofing off, playing some games and just enjoying each others company.

Day 4 is done and over with. Pray for continued strength and a passion for Jesus as we keep going tomorrow. Thank you for all of your love and support.


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