England, Day 5

Another solid day of fun is in the bag!

Morning clubs went great as usual. I really think that we are starting to make some major strides towards teaching Jesus to these kids.

The Afternoon Extravaganza was bat and ball games. We had four stations set up with 4 different bat and ball games. One was rounders, another was Cricket, the next was danish longball and the last was american baseball. It was funny to see how they were all similar games but just with a few rule changes drastically changes how each game was played.

In the evening was another age group gathering like on Monday. The Twigs (4-6) had a movie night and watched Toy Story. The Tramps (7-11) had a western hoedown. And the Trogs (12-15) had just a chill evening where some “proper football” was played by some boys, they had a painting station for some girls and a quiz show game that many wanted to play.

To finish off the evening we participated in another Epilogue worship service and the entire team was given a chance to share their heart and how God is already moving in people’s lives.

As the British would say, it was a brilliant day! Keep praying for us. Tomorrow we will be doing a service project at a local school during the afternoon, so be sure to pray for the work we will be doing. Pray for continued team bonding. They have welcomed us in as one of theirs so well!

Lots of love from all of us over here.