England, Day 7

What a wonderful day to end a spectacular week. Morning clubs were much of the same, but what made this day special was the evening events.

Tonight after dinner we held a big community wide event called Family Fun night. The theme was super hero, so all the of the Minnis Bay team dressing in their best superhero attire and manned several games and locations for this night. It was fun seeing even the kids dressing up in their superhero outfits.

After the games everyone gathered in the hall and the team played a couple of fun worship songs with hand motions (Jesus is my Superhero and One Way). It was cool to see the parents participating in the hand motions as well. Then the local Baptist Church pastor lead a short devo, then we all (minnis bay team and community) gathered for cake and coffee. The relationships and community being built at this time was awesome!

Epilogue once again blew me away. For me, Epilogue has been the best part of this trip. For the first time in a long time, I have truly, passionately worshiped. It’s weird saying that since I am in the ministry and I’ve thought that I have had some good worship experiences lately. But it’s something about this service. It’s so simple, it’s usually just a couple of worship songs and prayer. But the passion and love in the room just overwhelms you.

Today at Epilogue all we did was play two worship songs and then had everyone line up in two lines parallel to each other and formed a tunnel, and row by row, each person walked through the tunnel and everyone just prayed for each person that was walking through. Absolutely amazing!!

God has moved in amazing way this week! And to think, we have another week! Continue to pray for as. Thank you so much for your love and support.