England, Day 9

Today was another fairly chill day. We only had a couple things on the agenda for today. Like last Sunday, we spent the mornings at various local churches. This time we shared a quick update on the first week of the holiday club mission.

After that most of the day was a prep day for the next week in the mission. The evening was what made today different. At 6:00 we held a community-wide event, at the local Anglican church (All Saints) a Celebration service was put together that featured testimonies from various members of each age group, a few songs of worship and an uplifting message from the head of the Holiday Club mission, Avtar. It was a wonderful time for sharing and connecting with the local community about the past week and what was in store for the next week.

On a personal note, after I came to my host family’s house, I sat down and had a great conversation about the Church in England. I was able to learn a little bit about how things were done in this community and I shared a little insight about what I see is going on here. It was great conversation because I was really able to see the hearts of their ministry (husband is the pastor at the local Baptist church).

Pray for our first day back with the children in morning clubs tomorrow. Also pray for our afternoon activity where we will be out on the beach at Minnis Bay tomorrow.