England, Day 10

It was the first day of the second week!! it was so energizing to see the kids and having the opportunity to spend time with them again. We all had a great time at morning clubs!

The Afternoon Extravaganza today was the Tide Fight. We went to the beach of Minnis Bay and separated into teams and began to build giant mounds. The point was to make them as strong as possible again the rising tide. It was quite impressive to see how fast the tide comes up at this time of the day. So each team had to frantically build these giant mounds of sand. They had to stop building once the tide came up and hit the first mound.

During this next part it was funny to see how not only the kids but the adults yelling at the tide and the waves to stop. They just yelled and yelled but the tide was stopping for no one. Before we knew it, the tide had overtaken and knocked down the mounds, the one that was the last standing was declared the winner.

In the evening we gathered with our age groups again for an events. The Trogs (12-15) did the same thing that we did last Monday which was gather at “The Dip” and play rounders and “proper” football then finished the evening with English chips! Tramps (7-11) had a game night based on their new theme for the week – “Reach for the Stars.” The team then finished the night with another Epilogue that is always a good end for the evening.

Praise God for His faithfulness; He has been so good to us during this mission. Pray for strength, tolerance and patience as the team continues to work together. And especially pray for health: we had one of our (FBCR) kids out the entire day due to illness and several members of the entire team (including myself) who are suffering from some kind of cold bug that floating around. So if you could just pray for health so that this doesn’t drag down the productivity of the mission.