England, Day 11

What a good day today. We had some fun, revealed Jesus just a little bit more, played some sports, built relationships and spent time relaxing.

Morning clubs were great today, the weather was beautiful so many spent more time outside than usual. I can only speak for the Trogs (12-14) because that was my group, but we had an especially good day today.

The Afternoon Extravaganza was back at “the Dip” again today, Avtar (the director of the Holiday Club) made a keen observation about the how impactful the work they are doing there is. The Thanet District Council (local government) had set up some very nice sport equipment (volleyball net, etc) in the Dip before we had arrived. It was some very nice equipment, but only a few kids were out there enjoying the free use of the equipment. But once the Holiday Club arrived with their “rubbish” (by comparision) equipment, kids started flocking out to “the Dip” and would rather play with us.

Avtar’s observation was that even though the nice equipment was there for everyone to use, since there was no relationship, there was no real interest in using it. And even though we didn’t have great equipment, the relationship brought the families. This goes back to what I mentioned in Day 4 about how vital relationships and relationship building is in ministry.

Tonight’s evening event was another team social where we drove to a little town called Deal where there was a nice little sport club. There we were able to play in a leisure pool they had with a small slide, play tennis outside, table tennis, air hockey, and (even though it wasn’t available to us) there was a nice football pitch outside.

These Team Socials that we have are such a relief. We have to be “On” so much during the two weeks while we are with kids and what not, it’s nice to be able to turn off, have some fun and have great conversations with each other.

Continue to pray for health, even though it isn’t as bad as it was earlier in the week, there are still some nagging illnesses going around. Also, please pray for an extra portion of spiritual and physical strength so we can finish off these final days of the Holiday Club strong.