England, Day 13

So there is only one day left on the mission. I can’t believe how fast this whole experience went by. There have been a lot of good things done here, I only wish that I had a little bit more time here in Birchington to follow up on all this work we’ve done.

It’s been interesting reflecting back on the 2 weeks. There are definitely some awesome and amazing things happening during these two weeks, but like anything else, it isn’t perfect and there is some room for improvement. But that’s the joy in things like this, knowing that even thought it isn’t perfect, God still uses it to transform people’s lives.

As for me, this has been a very positive and encouraging experience. I was at a point in my life and in my walk where I was frustrated and struggling and these 2 weeks really re-energized my spirit. It made me remember why I wanted to be in vocational ministry and reminded me of what my gifts were.

I am already considering and praying about returning next year, the bridges and relationships I’ve started to build aren’t complete and I would love to continue what I’ve started here. This truly can be the begining of a life-long relationship with the community and organization.

Pray for God to breathe life into the last day. Pray for the children and young people – that they will hold on to Jesus’ teachings and will want to know more. Pray that this is only a beginning in the work that God is going to do here.

Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers during these two weeks, we have really felt them.