Back in the Saddle

Back in the states now. I’m proud to say that I beat jet lag. I didn’t have one problem with tiredness or fatigue. First day back in the office today and even though I did have a long list of things to do, I finished it fairly quickly, so I had a bit of time to reflect on the last three weeks of my life. England was wonderful- the Minnis Bay Holiday Club has had a major impact on my life.

Without getting into it much, this summer was very frustrating for me. It was definitely a test of my patience. But Minnis Bay melted away all those stresses, all those worries- and for the first time in what seemed like a lot time, I felt like I was doing ministry. I felt like I was able to use my gifts to serve the kingdom. It was a breathe of fresh air.

So to close this blog entry, I’ll throw out two lists.

What I don’t miss about England:
-the food… sorry Brits, it’s not like your food is bad, it’s just not as good as our good old American, over-fatty, over-processed tasty deliciousness.
-all the tiny cars… seriously, why are your cars so small but you still try to cram 5 people into them
-crazy roads… forget that you drive on the other side, that didn’t bother me, but the fact that your roads are so narrow and you just park in the middle of the street. I love my wide american roads
-rounders…. it’s just a dumbed down, knock-off of baseball.

What I DO miss about England:
-The weather… it’s beautiful, it never got over 75 degrees
-“proper football”…. despite what my overly-american friend Ryan says, it really is a great sport and I love that everyone plays it there
-Birchington… my heart goes out to that community, which is bound to happen when you serve and pour your heart out
-Avtar… he has a heart of gold and his leadership is exemplary, Minnis Bay would not be the same without him.
-the community… nothing makes it easier to know someone than to basically spending 24 hours together. I knew the 10 kids we brought to Minnis, but not like I know them now. I met several people and in the course of 2-3 weeks I built amazing relationships (which leads me to my next thing)
-my boys… Stephen, Gid, Jeff and Fabian… the relationship I built with these guys are going to be life long. distance is just a small bump to the friendships I made with these guys

As you can see… the things I miss massively out weigh the things I don’t miss. The things I don’t miss are really just a joke and if I had the choice, I would go back in a heartbeat.