What I want in a Youth Group

In the FBCR Student Ministry we have a student leadership team where we usually select anywhere from 1-7 students from each grade (depending on number applied and ratio per grade). In just the last couple of years we starting interviewing applicants, generally in groups.

This past sunday we held the interviews to select our student leadership team and we had two different approaches for how to “make the youth group better.” One is a method that many youth ministries use and run their student ministry by and a way that honestly drives me nuts. And the other made me grin ear to ear because it is what I think is not only biblical but the way a youth group should be.

The first was wanted a program, event, social driven youth ministry to just have fun and bring in as many people as we can get- and they had idea after idea of what we could do to accomplish this.

The other blew me away because it was a bunch of sophomores and freshman that wanted this. It was to have a youth ministry based on love. We create a place that fosters an environment of love and community. We need to create a safe place that someone can come in and be who they really are and be loved for it. They want an intimate fellowship, and that if we create that- then people will come.

And that’s it!! That’s what it needs to be! I’m not saying we shouldn’t have fun events, this is a youth ministry where there are bunch of teenagers, you need that element of fun. But when a youth ministry is built on that then you end up being rather shallow. however, when a ministry built on caring for one another and the love of Christ, then a we can start to do work.

I hope this hasn’t just seemed like a jumbled bunch of thoughts, but this was something that I wanted to share because it’s what I want a youth ministry to be like. I want it to be like Acts 2 where we truly fellowship and share life together by reflecting Christ’s love.