Recent Obsessions

-Sleeping… naps have been my best friend lately
-This weather… it’s fantastic, I’m trying to find excuses to do stuff outside
-Netflix… I’m watching just about every movie available on the instant queue, I can’t get enough
-Podcasts… been listening to two different ones non-stop. One on productivity and the other is just some sermon audio
-staying up too late….. ugh, for some reason I can’t ever seem to good to bed at a decent hour (maybe that is why naps have been my best friend lately :/ )

Anyone care to share some of yours?


One thought on “Recent Obsessions

  1. I love sleeping, especially in the winter!!! There is nothing better and stay in bed while watching the snow falling! However sometimes I feel guilty because I do not have time to waste at all….well, if I sleep… technically I’m not wasting time. Right?

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