Intersection Recap: Week 4

Speaker: Rod Wade, I mentioned briefly my feelings for this man last week. Rod, along with his wife, are some of our best volunteers- they gets it, they understands that they are just as much a minister as I am.
Message in a sentence: We are all given gifts from God.
Main Passage: The Story of Samson (Judges 13-16) and Jeremiah 29:11
Music Setlist: Here is our King, Revelation Song
Attendance: below average
Service Length: 65 minutes

Understandable Message: Rod really pointed out how much God has gifted us. Not just spiritual gifts, but just the things and people in our lives are gifts from God.

Element of Fun: Haha… we played musical chairs tonight. it’s funny how silly, simple games they played when they were little kids can still be so much fun for them.

Favorite Moment: Rod brought his wife and baby boy, Jackson, along. In the middle of the lesson, Jackson was getting a little restless and walked up to Rod and Rod picked him up and held him for about 5 minutes. Jackson just sat there with his dad. Didn’t say anything, didn’t act up or anything. Rod just continued his lesson as he held his 18 month old boy.

Up Next: our Music Minister, Andy Swanner