I had fun with this

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

My creation:


Switch to Chrome?

I dropped Internet Explorer as my default browser years ago.  For good reason, IE was driving me nuts with it’s security protocols, it was over the top when it didn’t matter but then in truly unsafe sites, it wasn’t enough. Another reason was that it didn’t show some sites correctly. And finally, it just wasn’t user-friendly.

Now, I currently use Firefox. A much better internet browser, Firefox excelled where IE failed epically. But now I’m starting to hear some good things about the Google browser, Chrome.

It is inevitable that IE will disappear, stats show that it is no longer the majority, but what is interesting is that Chrome is skyrocketing. Then, another article about Chrome states that “Chrome, at least so far, is the best combination of efficiency (e.g., non-bloat), speed, good design (both looks and usability) and customization. It’s both minimalist and robust. I love it.”

So I pose this question. Does Firefox still have life in it, or is it time to switch to Chrome?

Blogjot #3

It’s that time of the week again. Another blogjot is on the slate. Read at your own risk ;)

-Wow! Cliff Lee and the Rangers got demolished last night. Hopefully the Giants scored all their runs in Game 1. It’s gonna be a good series, I can tell. Yesterday’s prediction of Rangers in 5 may have been a little off. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this go to 7

Todd Dodge got fired. Not gonna lie, I was really excited when we hired him. Now it’s back to square one. My dad seems to think Franchione may be a possible replacement. As cool as that might be, I really don’t think that will happen.

-In other news, check out my Books page, it’s been newly updated. Have any suggestions for me to read? Tell me there.

-Halloween. Why are Christians so afraid of that word? What do they think it means? Because what it means to me is dressing up kids in cute little costumes and getting some free candy. What’s the harm in that? That’s another blog for another day.

Intersection Recap: Week 8

Speaker: Bobby Davis
Message in a sentence: Forgive, forgive, forgive!
Main Passage: Matthew 6:14-15
Music Setlist: Hallelujah (You Love is Amazing), Rescue
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 72

Understandable Message: We need to forgive. Not just saying we forgive, but truly forgive the way God forgives. We need to forgive others outside the church the way God forgives, we need to forgive others inside the church, completely.

Element of Fun: We played a game today called Splat Bang. It is kind of hard to explain. But it is something that they love to play, they always get into it and want to win.

Favorite Moment: Due to Halloween being just around the corner, we showed a video with a clip from Scare Tactics called Rat Monster. It was hilarious to see how scared all the kids actually got at the “monster”

Up Next: David Scott of World Changers

A 30 for 30 in the making

I am convinced that the story of the 2010 Texas Rangers Season is an gold mine for ESPN’s 30 for 30. Here are just 10 stories that have made this season’s story special.

1.) In 2001, the Texas Rangers signed Alex Rodriguez for 10 years and a quarter of a billion dollars, only to play with us for 3 years before being traded to the dreaded Yankees. Due to his time and failure to deliver any wins, and his eventual admission to steroid use during his time with the Rangers, A-Rod is now on the Ranger’s fan Most Hated List.
2.) Josh Hamilton struggled with drugs and alcohol for several years. A first overall selection of the draft in 1999, Hamilton never lived up to his potential because of his addictions and almost never made a return to baseball. But in 2007 he made his return to baseball with the Cincinnati Red and was traded to the Rangers in 2008.
3.) In that same draft (1999), Colby Lewis was the first round pick for the Texas Rangers only to have a difficult and injury-ridden career. In 2008-2009, Lewis signed and pitched for a Japanese team seeing his career revitalized. In 2010, he made his return to the Texas Rangers and led the team in strikeouts.
4.) Michael Young, heralded as the ultimate team player, started his career at second base only to move to shortstop after the acquisition of Alphonso Soriano and stayed when Ian Kinsler became the everyday second baseman. Then a few years later moved to third base for the up and coming hot shot shortstop Elvis Andrus. Young also broke Rangers hit record this season.
5.) Ron Washington testing positive for cocaine last season and admitting to it at the beginning of the season, yet didn’t get let go. The Rangers organization gave him a second chance to redeem himself.
6.) Hicks refused to sell the team on Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg’s original team and for a couple of months this summer, the ownership of the team was a major distraction to the media and North Texas area. But not to the Rangers as they had a 11 game winning streak at this time to grab hold of their top spot in the division
7.) Coming into the playoff, the Rangers were 1-9 and never won a game at home. They were playing against the team with the best record, Tampa, and were expected to lose in 4. Rangers win in 5
8.) The only other team the Rangers had ever played in the playoff were the New York Yankees. The current defending world champions. Rangers win in 6.
9.) Not only did they win in 6, but the last out was against Alex Rodriguez.
10.) Oh, and did I forget the mention that the beloved Cowboys (who were projected to go the Super Bowl in their own stadium) are 1-5.

There you go. Only 10 I can name off the top of my head. There are several more that added to the magic this season.

I’m telling you, you can’t make this stuff up.

P.S.: Rangers in 5

My friend, Darrell Cook

A Dallas Observer blog post broke a story yesterday afternoon about the above mentioned Darrell Cook and his desire to go to San Francisco to see the Rangers play. In case you missed the link at the bottom, also attached to this story is the continuance filed by Darrell, which is rather funny.

But that was only the beginning, as WFAA Channel 8 and KXAS Channel 5 picked up the story and ran it on their evening news.

Even though this is a weird and strange story, I am not at all surprised by the actions of the great DWC.