Be a Road Builder

Do you consider yourself a road builder or wall builder? Everyone in life is either building roads or walls in their life. So the first question you have for me may be what exactly are road and wall builders. There is a short poem by Evelyn Hartwich that I would like to share with you first:

Great roads the Romans built that men can meet
Yet walls also, to keep men apart, secure
New centuries are gone and in defeat
The walls are fallen, but the roads endure

In our minds we build either roads or walls towards people and ideas. We can build roads so that we can open up, meet new people, share yourself and what you know with others. Or we can build walls, to separate yourself from others?

We as humans are social beings that need to feel connected to others. We are just wired that way, whether you are an outgoing extrovert or a shy introvert, you want to connect with and share life with others. But when walls are built it get hard to truly connect. Either that person will remain cold and distant from you or you will never be able to get any deeper than a surface level relationship.

However, despite all the efforts of some, the walls we build will be broken down. Have you ever had what you though what was the Great Wall of China up between you and someone else in high school, only to run into them years later and they want to catch up and rekindle a relationship you didn’t know you had? Or have you had a wall built up because of something someone else did, only to see them apologize and that wall be torn down? These are just a couple of examples of how the walls we build up in our mind will inevitably come down. And if we keep building them up, then we will end up being alone.

On the other hand, roads once they are built, they remain. Think about when you meet an old friend from your past and how that road that was built between you still remains, still stands, still connects you, despite time and distance. You can live half way across the country or half way across the world, but if you built a road then you will always have a connection that will never fade with time.

The choice is up to you. You can live in a world of walls or a world of roads. Walls that close you off from the rest of the world, or roads that unite you. If you want to make the biggest impact or just want to show the love that God has shown us, then we need to build roads.