Intersection Recap: Week 6

Speaker: Jeff Copeland, illusionist
Message in a sentence: What Jeff does is just illusions, what Jesus did were real miracles
Main Passage: Mark 1
Music Setlist: Can’t Nobody, Indescribable, How Great is Our God
Attendance: average
Service Length: 67 minutes

Understandable Message: Even though the “magic” Jeff does is just tricks and slight of hand, the miracles that Jesus did was not magic. They were miracles that were done by the power of God and are 100% real.

Element of Fun: The whole thing was fun time. We showed three random You Tube vids, that got the kids all excited for what the main attraction of fun really was- the great tricks of Jeff Copeland, he was really great!

Favorite Moment: The best part was probably him being okay with us poking a little fun with him. He allowed us to make a couple of Harry Potter jokes. The best one was when we said he was “straight from Hogwarts” (get it? since he does magic tricks and Hogwarts trains people to do magic).

Up Next: Our Senior Pastor, Ellis Orozco