Zombie Plan

I’ve been playing this game for the XBOX 360 called Dead Rising 2, it is awesome. The premise of the game is somehow a zombie apocalypse has unfolded and your job is to survive among the undead.

But this game got me thinking, see I have about plans in place for about 10 different emergency situations (i.e.: nuclear war, riot, alien invasion, etc.), but I realized I had a crucial disaster plan missing, a Zombie plan. I’m terrified of Zombies. I don’t want to become a Zombie, I don’t want to be eaten by zombies…. I need a zombie plan.

So after much planning and scheming, I have come up with a perfect Zombie plan…

I’m not going to tell you what it is though, I don’t want my plan compromised if you happen to become a zombie. You then will know what I am up to eat my tasty flesh. Sorry.

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