Blogjot #2

Haven’t done a blogjot in a while. Blogjot, that’s a funny word, I wonder where it came from…

-So since I am making a effort to post more blogs, that means I have to write more material, and since I have to write more, that means I can’t do it in real time, so I have to write a few posts every so often so that I can keep up with this daily update. With that said, that means I need to do a better job of knowing what days are when. Already I have had two posts in as many weeks post when I didn’t want them to, but I didn’t pay attention to when I was scheduling them, it’s really my fault. All this to say, if you see a post disappear and appear on the blog, that’s why.

-I have been spending alot of my free time lately on my next job. Let me explain. As you probably know, I am the Student Ministry Intern at First Baptist Richardson. Since I am just an intern, that means that this is by no means permanent. Best case scenario, by this time next year, I will be at another church working as the Student/Youth Pastor. And one thing that Pastor Ellis has taught me in his time here at FBCR, is that the first 6 months are crucial. So in my free time, away from the office and after my current duties, I have been putting together my plan of attack for the first 6 months at my next job so I can make the best impression possible.

-Man, sports are intense this time of year! EPL is in full swing, the major players in College Football and the NFL are starting to emerge, MLB playoff are coming to it’s climax, NHL and NBA have started their seasons. There are so many sports I don’t know what to watch! AHH!

-I’m looking towards going back to England this summer, anyone want to help fund my trip by donating? :) Want to know what I did last year and will probably be doing again this year?