Intersection Recap: Week 7

Speaker: our Senior Pastor, Ellis Orozco
Message in a sentence: We are all spiritually blind.
Main Passage: John 9
Music Setlist: Your Grace is Enough, Grace Like Rain, From the Inside out
Attendance: Below Average, but had more guests than usual
Service Length: 55 minutes

Understandable Message: Jesus’ disciples asked who sinned to cause a man to be born blind, but this story shows us that we are all “born blind.” Jesus is the only one that can heal us and give us sight.

Element of Fun: WE showed a funny talking animals video and played a new game (American Eagle Fly) where they girls got more into it than the guys.

Favorite Moment: Hanging out with about 7 students afterwards just chatting. I love just hanging out with the students, it is what I look forward to every Wednesday.

Up Next: Bobby Davis, one of our young deacons