Hello Win Column!!

Cliff, CJ, Colby, Tommy….. start taking some hacks. We made it to the WORLD SERIES!!!

I’ve been an anguished, frustrated fan of the Rangers for 28 years…. But I my loyalty to them has never faltered. My dad became somewhat apathetic towards them a few years ago… My mom gave up hope before that. But me- I’ve toughed it out.

Bobby Valentine built up a talented team only to fall short every year. The signing of Nolan which never led to team success. Johnny Oats taking the team to the playoffs for the first time ever, only to get smashed by the dreaded Yanks all three times. Then the A-Rod tragedy, to some young talent coming up and showing promise then just traded away by a egotistical Jon Hart. Then the under-30 GM, Ron Washington testing positive for coke! Hicks not selling the team!!….

All this has lead to last night.

6-1 Rangers.

It’s Here! We made it.

As Jim Reeves of ESPNDallas said in his latest article:
“Sip it slowly. Savor the moment. Let it go to your head and open up all your senses.”

I’m definitely going to enjoy this, and soak it all up. Let’s Go Rangers, get your rings!!