Blogjot #3

It’s that time of the week again. Another blogjot is on the slate. Read at your own risk ;)

-Wow! Cliff Lee and the Rangers got demolished last night. Hopefully the Giants scored all their runs in Game 1. It’s gonna be a good series, I can tell. Yesterday’s prediction of Rangers in 5 may have been a little off. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this go to 7

Todd Dodge got fired. Not gonna lie, I was really excited when we hired him. Now it’s back to square one. My dad seems to think Franchione may be a possible replacement. As cool as that might be, I really don’t think that will happen.

-In other news, check out my Books page, it’s been newly updated. Have any suggestions for me to read? Tell me there.

-Halloween. Why are Christians so afraid of that word? What do they think it means? Because what it means to me is dressing up kids in cute little costumes and getting some free candy. What’s the harm in that? That’s another blog for another day.