Intersection Recap: Week 8

Speaker: Bobby Davis
Message in a sentence: Forgive, forgive, forgive!
Main Passage: Matthew 6:14-15
Music Setlist: Hallelujah (You Love is Amazing), Rescue
Attendance: Average
Service Length: 72

Understandable Message: We need to forgive. Not just saying we forgive, but truly forgive the way God forgives. We need to forgive others outside the church the way God forgives, we need to forgive others inside the church, completely.

Element of Fun: We played a game today called Splat Bang. It is kind of hard to explain. But it is something that they love to play, they always get into it and want to win.

Favorite Moment: Due to Halloween being just around the corner, we showed a video with a clip from Scare Tactics called Rat Monster. It was hilarious to see how scared all the kids actually got at the “monster”

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