Switch to Chrome?

I dropped Internet Explorer as my default browser years ago.  For good reason, IE was driving me nuts with it’s security protocols, it was over the top when it didn’t matter but then in truly unsafe sites, it wasn’t enough. Another reason was that it didn’t show some sites correctly. And finally, it just wasn’t user-friendly.

Now, I currently use Firefox. A much better internet browser, Firefox excelled where IE failed epically. But now I’m starting to hear some good things about the Google browser, Chrome.

It is inevitable that IE will disappear, stats show that it is no longer the majority, but what is interesting is that Chrome is skyrocketing. Then, another article about Chrome states that “Chrome, at least so far, is the best combination of efficiency (e.g., non-bloat), speed, good design (both looks and usability) and customization. It’s both minimalist and robust. I love it.”

So I pose this question. Does Firefox still have life in it, or is it time to switch to Chrome?