What Stirs your affections…

Matt Chandler, the pastor at The Village Church, wrote in his blog at while back about inspirations from God and things that rob his affection for God.

It’s funny how he worded most of this particular blog entry. As I continue on my journey to discover what it means to “Live a Life Inspired” by God. He words this entry better than I can word my thoughts sometimes.

“I am addicted to the vitality I have, the love I feel, and the clarity of thought that occurs when I am inspired. I have tried for years to pay attention to these moments, to dig into them, excavate them, and figure them out. What is it that inspires me? Who is it? What stirs my affection…for my wife? For my children? For life in general? This to me is one of the major ideas that demand an answer. To solve this arduous riddle means more energy, richer life, deeper relationships and greater self-awareness.”

Things that Inspire me to live a Life for God:
1.) the youth group at my church
2.) memories of the Minnis Bay Holiday Club
3.) keeping my prayer journal
4.) studying for my bible study lessons
5.) Praise and Worship music
6.) working out (there is a connection between physical health and spiritual and mental health)
7.) spending time with my family

Things that rob me of my affection:
1.) too much internet
2.) my Xbox
3.) following football too closely
4.) watching too much TV
5.) certain music i listen to
6.) how much I procrastinate
7.) spending way too much money

Now the real challenge is ahead of me.  Yes, I’ve identified these things that have stirred and robbed my affection for God, but now it’s time to do something about.  Find ways to surround myself with what inspires me and ways that I can cut the things in my life that rob my affections.  Pray for me as I take on this journey.  But my prayer for you is that you do this process yourself.  Find and identify these things and how your life changes.