“Stupid Cowboys”

A quote that can he be heard said by me when watching the Dallas Cowboys make stupid mistakes. But this year I think a better saying is “pitiful Cowboys.”

I’ve seen the Cowboys play bad. I remember when Jerry bought the team and they went 1-15 in 1989. They were bad then, but they were a young team, Troy Aikman was a rookie, Michael Irvin was in his second year. They showed flashes of being good, they were at least semi-competitive.

But this is pitiful. They are not even being competitive- last night against the Packers they looked like a Div-1AA school against a top 10 team. It looks hopeless. As bad as I think Stephen McGee is, I have been wrong about observing talent before (especially QBs). At least find out if McGee can cut it, what is the worst that can happen- We lose?