Intersection Recap: Week 10

Speaker: Tyler Greider, former youth
Message in a sentence: There are people in your life that you love, do you show them?
Main Passage: Not sure what to make of this, but he didn’t have any direct passage he pulled from. He alluded to a couple of verse but never used a passage.
Music Setlist: Open Skies, Wholly Yours, Let My Words be Few
Attendance: Above average
Service Length: 68 minutes

Element of Fun: Pre-Blessed Food. Great video. Some of these videos we have been finding have been great and the kids love them.

Favorite Moment: Tyler Greider is a unique personality. He’s loud, somewhat obnoxious, funny, he speaks his mind…. but the one thing that is Tyler, he is genuine. So when Tyler came to speak today one thing you know was going to happen is Tyler is going to be Tyler and he’s going to bring a new perspective to the table.

Up Next: Last year’s Youth Council President, Jay Leibold