Things I might have been in a past life…

A friend of mine inspired this post with a post of his own a couple of days ago. What he did was take a look at all his interests and assess what he might have been in a past life. While I obviously don’t believe in past lives, I gave it a go anyways. This was a bit easier than I thought it would be, but interesting nonetheless:

A Major League Second Baseman

A Road Rules Contestant

A Play-by-play announcer

A Professional Wrestler

A Firefighter

A Real World housemate

A Life Coach


A City-Planner

A Radio Talk-show host

A Movie Director

A Writer

A Television Producer

A Major League Baseball General Manager

A Movie Critic

A Minor-League baseball coach

A College Football offensive coordinator

An astronaut

A homeless guy

A rock band frontman

A Florida State Alumni

A world-class runner

A World Traveler

A Comic Book Nerd

A Motivational Speaker


A Politician

A Time Traveler

An Army Combat Officer

A Photographer

An Elementary PE teacher

Like what my friend, Rich, said… there are stories behind all of these, and maybe I’ll tell them to you one day. This makes me think though, what would my life be like if I decided to follow on of these paths instead of the one I did.


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