I Love my DVR

Just like everyone else, I have some show that I can’t miss. Here is every show that I have set to record on my DVR:

Big Bang Theory — Hilarious, I hate to admit but I can relate a little to the how socially inept these nerds are.
How I Met Your Mother — This show is pretty much like Friends in the 21st century.
Community – One of the funniest shows on television.  Everyone should watch this show.
Glee – Yeah, I’m a Gleek.  You got a problem with that?
Eureka – A Quirky and interesting show on SyFy.  Sort of the the ultra sci-fi version of a detective show.
Time Warp — This show is so compelling, who knew watching stuff in super slow motion would be so awesome. (not sure if there are any new episodes anymore)
Ultimate Fighter – I like watching the fights and the rivalry between the two coaches.
Big Break – mainly because I love sport competition reality shows.
The Colony – This show just intrigues me.  I know that it’s just a lame reality show, but I love post-apocalyptic shows.
The Walking Dead – can’t get enough of zombies. They will always fascinate me.

Tell me some of your can’t miss shows.